SofaRun is an MSX tool designed to run disk (.DSK), cassette (.CAS) and cartridge (.ROM) images. Various settings can be set and stored for each game. It can also be used to launch normal MSX-DOS 2 and BASIC programs.

Since version 7.0, it also allows to launch SG-1000 games (on any MSX machine), and Sega Master System games on MSX with Playsoniq or Franky extension cartridges.

It features a joystick controlled file browser, ZIP files support, options to map JoyMega buttons to keyboard and "soft reset", allowing you to play lying on your sofa just like a lazy penguin (or hedgehog)!

You can grab it here:

SofaRun v7.0

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Please report any issue on the SofaRun bug report thread.