MIF is a set of tools to convert images to MSX format.

It consists out of:

  • The command line Windows version of the tool: mif.exe.
  • The GUI version of the tools, with real-time preview of conversion settings: mifui.exe.
  • The MSX-DOS viewers: mifview.com (.MIF files) and migview.com (.MIG files)


  • Support for all MSX 1 up to MSX 2+ graphical screen modes.
  • Interlaced mode support.
  • Real-time preview of parameter changes (using MIFui).
  • Error diffusion (dithering).
  • Optimized palette generation.
  • Control on details level when generating palette ("Details enhancement" parameter).
  • Horizontal shift to reduce artefacts in screen 2, 10 and 12.
  • Optimized RGB to YJKJ conversion, allowing to "reconstruct" SCC images from PNG snapshots.
  • Manual palette optimization.

Description of the files and folders:

  • mif.exe: The Win32 command line version of the tool.
  • mifui.exe: The GUI tool. Allows real-time preview of parameters change.
  • msxbasic/: This folder contains loader for all types of generated *.SC? files.
  • msxdos/: This folder contains the MSX-DOS viewer mifview.com, along with its sources.
  • palettes/: This folder contains interesting sample-palettes, in GIMP format.
  • samples/: MIF pictures of Vampire Killer in all screen modes.

Controls in MIFui:

  • [Alt]+[Enter] or double-click switches full screen mode.
  • [Right], [Down], [Space] or mouse wheel down displays the next image in current directory.
  • [Left], [Up] or mouse wheel up displays the previous image in current directory.
  • Click on the main window to set the pointed color to the custom palette current index.
  • Right-click on the main window to set the custom palette current index to the pointer color.
  • [Control]+click on a custom palette color to switch it with previously selected color.

To use MIFui as an MSX images viewer only, set the "Convert to" setting to PNG. You can also look at the tooltips in the "Settings" dialog for more information.

You can grab it here:

MIF package v2.3

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Please report any issue on the MIF package bug report thread.