SofaROM is an MSX tool designed to launch MSX ROM images. It supports several "ROM devices" and most ROMs and MegaROMs formats. ROMs can also be launched without any external device using "Memory mapper" or "turboR mapper".

Depending on the options passed, ROMs are patched on the fly to use JoyMega, Game Master 1 or 2, PSG to SCC, external SCC (for ROM devices having no integrated SCC chip) or other features.

SofaROM will pick the best suitable ROM device depending on the ROM type and settings chosen. You can specify a "preferred device" with the /Dx option, but if this one is not found or suitable, another device might be selected instead.

You can grab it here:

SofaROM v3.0

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Note for Carnivore 2 users:

You have to reserve an entry for SofaROM in the Carnivore 2 flash memory in order to use it (the Carnivore 2 can be flashed in RAM mode without doing that, but the size is limited to 720KB). Here's the procedure for it:
  • Extract one of the file in CARNIROM.ZIP depending on the space you want to reserve for SofaROM in flash memory. Go to the SofaROM directory, and type:


    SOFAROM1.ROM will reserve 1MB in flash memory, SOFAROM2.ROM will reserve 2MB, etc...

  • Flash the extracted ROM file in the Carnivore 2 flash memory using C2MAN.COM or C2MAN_40.COM (the same way you flash a normal ROM).

  • Reset you MSX.

Please report any issue on the SofaROM bug report thread.